Saturday, September 16, 2006

My chocolate addiction

As long as I can remember I have been addicted to chocolate. I guess I am what you call a chocoholic.
Growing up my dad always had a piece of chocolate after dinner and of course he shared a piece or two with us kids. But any chocolate was not good enough. It had to be the famous Swedish brand Marabou. It's creamy, rich and yes, addictive. I always ate the milk chocolate kind, not being particular fond of either hazel nut, fruit and nuts or really dark chocolate at that point (which were the other three options I remember from that time). Over the years they have added several new flavors like mint crunch, orange, coconut, cream nougat, etc. Milk chocolate still remains my all time favorite and every time I am home in Sweden I load up half a suitcase of it so it will last me until my next trip back. If I for any reason run out of it before that point I go to IKEA (a Swedish furniture store with several location here in the States) to store up on some more. It has to be tried in person to understand the difference between Marabou and American brands such as Hershey. Although I have to ration it (I can only have a couple of squares per day) I am happy to share it with family and friends to spread the goodness. I think I can honestly say that all of them are just in love with it and every time I go back home I have to bring more and more back to give them each a little stash to last them until my next trip... If you want a bar of you own just check out Trust me you will love it too!

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