Thursday, October 05, 2006

Our Golden Retriever Odin

Meet our Golden Retriever Odin. He is a Scandinavian Golden (his parents beeing imported from Finland and Sweden), therefore the white coat and smaller frame. He is a shy and weird but extremely lovable little guy. We picked him up as a 11 month old puppy at a kennel on the central coast earlier this summer. He had a that point never been inside a house, in a car or on a leash. He was not potty trained, had no idea was a toy was and was scared to death of the furniture in our home. The first week he spent in his little "safe zone" in our kitchen but as time has passed he has now ventured out to all parts of our home and backyard and is getting braver every day. He loves to play with our neighbors Golden Retriever, Lilly, as he seems to be more comfortable around other dogs than people. I know he sounds a little bit odd, and he is. Our guess is that he was very mistreated at his first home. He is now learning to be a happy, adventurous puppy again and I really think he likes his new home... More to come.

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