Sunday, December 03, 2006

Foxen Canyon Trail Syrah

Tonight we are having a Koehler Winery 2004 Santa Barbara County Syrah (after not liking the first bottle we opened),(see above). Thought it would pair nicely with the hearty beef, barley and vegetable soup we had for dinner. The pairing was not perfect but good enough. The reason beeing that this is a very, almost to, fruity Syrah. The nose carries dark plum and berries, and once in your mouth you can taste rolling, round, plump, dark berries and fruit. The finish is long and all fruit. I am missing some additional tannins for a more balanced structure, but all in all it is a nice syrah. Best enjoyed on it's own because of the heavy, ripe fruitiness. Do not waste your time on this Syrah if this is not your style...

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