Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Chocolate Society, London

Running into a chocolate shop when in London I could not resist but had to try their creations.

Hiding on 32-34 Shepherd Market in London The Chocolate Society offers bars, truffles, cooking chocolate and a full counter of a wide variety of handmade chocolates. It also had a small cafe with hot chocolate, ice cream, brownies and more. I picked up a few of the chocolates to give them a try.

Dark Chocolate Truffle: Velvety, creamy ganache covered in a shell of dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. Pure, high quality chocolate. Great with the glass of Cabernet Sauvignon I had with it...
Tarte Tatin: The interior of this treat was a vanilla caramel mixed with an apple jam with flavor of cinnamon. The jam gave it a slight odd texture, but never the less it was really good and tasted like apple pie covered in milk chocolate.
Creme Caramel: This vanilla caramel had a more sugary texture then chewy. I prefer the chewy... It did however have a really nice buttery caramel flavor and was covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with dark sugar. Very edible after all...
Champagne Truffle: This was the highlight of the pieces I tried. Looked like, and was made of the same velvety, dark chocolate ganache as the Dark Chocolate Truffle but with a subtle taste of Champagne. Just the way I like my champagne truffles! Again dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. Wish I had more of this one...

What a great find just walking around London, offering a wide range of chocolate products and all of high quality. If you don't make it there you can order online at The Chocolate Society's website as they ship internationally.

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Bjorn Henry said...

Hi Victoria!

I'm Bjorn, from Trondheim, Norway.

Since we have this commen interest of chocolate, take a look at my site:

....all the best

Victoria said...

Tack for din kommentar. Jag ar fran Varberg, Sverige men bor i USA sedan 7 ar. Var inte saker om du laste det i min blog... Har kollat in din sida. Alskar "the chocolate fountain". Jag har en har hemma och den ar perfekt for efterratt nar vi har gaster over for middag...

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