Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Roar 2005 Santa Lucia Highlands Syrah

Roar 2005 Santa Lucia Highlands Syrah shows a vibrant dark garnet color in the glass with a purple hue.
The nose is dominated by blackberry with vivid dark fruit and notes of floral and violet.
The palate is again all blackberry upfront with dusty earth, coffee, and black cherry at the finish.
This rather complex, medium to full bodied Syrah has great acidity and tannins that create a perfect backbone for the lush, creamy, fruit and berries.

I found this wine exciting and, although young, still very approachable. I would however like to revisit this wine in a couple of years and hopefully find it even more in harmony and balance, without having lost that "big and lush" quality.

Find this wine at and from $39.99.

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Garrett said...

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