Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lincourt Santa Barbara County 2005 Pinot Noir

Lincourt Vineyards Tasting Room

Reading the latest issue of Food and Wine on our way down to Santa Barbara on Thursday I spotted the Lincourt Santa Barbara County 2005 Pinot Noir as one of top four star selections out of 27 bottles in the article, Best American Pinot Noir. We have enjoyed Lincourt Pinot Noir many times before and since passing the winery on the way through Santa Ynez Valley we decided to drop by, do a tasting and pick up some bottles. Said and done, we walked out of there with a full case of the 2005 Pinot Noir. A great wine for $25 perfect for week night dinners, or bringing over to a friends house.
The 2005 is made from grapes from Santa Rita Hills Vineyards. This is a medium bodied Pinot with bright red cherries on the nose, and some blueberries and hints of oak. It has flavors of red berries with some spice and earth notes. The wine is rich and fruity but not a power house. It is more toward the elegant style. Find it at for as low as $18.45. A great price!
I will be here in Santa Barbara until Monday and I will have a ton of good food and wine to tell you about when I get back home. Stay tuned...

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Rob W said...

Great site and having just discovered your site and reading several pinot noir related posts my mouth was watering. I am jealous that I'm not in California to take advantage of some of the many vineyards tasting rooms out there. Once a year or so will have to suffice. I'd love to add a link to your site and would appreciate like consideration if you like mine as well. You can find it at

Thanks and keep posting!

Victoria said...

Thanks for your comment. Regarding adding your link. Consider it done!