Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Candy House of Davis, Davis CA

My friend brought me some truffles from The Candy House of Davis, after a visit there, knowing I am a chocoholic.
After eating them (all of them in one evening...) I thought I would share my thoughts with you in case you ever run into them.
All the truffles are pyramid shaped and handmade. They also make supposedly amazing fudge, that I have yet to try.

I started with biting into the Amaretto Truffle that has a pleasant mellow almond/nutty flavor. As I am usually not overly thrilled with liquor added to my chocolates I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle flavors, and the lack of alcohol "flavor".
The Kahlua Truffle has a mild coffee flavor with a texture falling right in between a soft caramel and truffle. Covered in dark chocolate.
Black and White was my next victim. White chocolate filled with a dark chocolate sticky ganache, with a slight hint of mint. Very nice.
Praline was just that. A milk and white chocolate shell filled with semi firm, sugary, sweet caramel/praline. A touch to sweet, but surely satisfying.
Gourmet Dark was my favorite. A dark chocolate ganache covered in dark chocolate. Simple, clean and pure. They way I like it...

The truffles were all very tasty, and if flavored with liquor they just had a soft touch of it , which I really appreciate. The Praline was a tad to sugary, and the Kahlua had an odd texture, but they were all charming with a small scale, handmade, touch.
For the holidays the store adds an array of different shapes and flavors that goes with the season. A great place for a holiday gift for that friend with a sweet tooth...

The Candy house of Davis
901 3rd Street
Davis, CA
(530) 758-3652

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