Monday, December 03, 2007

Vosges Chocolate Truffles

I just got back after a weekend in Las Vegas with to much good food and wine. Trust me, you will hear all about it later, but today I thought I would start with telling you about the truffles I got from Vosges Chocolate.

Vosges Chocolate is located in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and has a very chic, modern decor, and beautiful display of their chocolates.
I picked out four of their truffles to enjoy later. They were put in a classy box that got a bow around it.
Balsamico is a dark chocolate truffle flavored with a 12 year old Modena balsamic vinegar. The notes of the vinegar is pleasantly intense and measures up really nice to the dark chocolate. It is topped with chopped hazelnuts for a nice crunch and contrast of texture.
Red Fire has a nice spicy kick from Ancho chili and subtle notes of cinnamon. The heat is perfectly balanced with the dark chocolate. Sprinkled with red chili powder it looks like it tastes.
Black Pearl is a dark chocolate truffle flavored with ginger, wasabi and topped with black sesame seeds. The ginger really dominated and my initial impresson was that it all reminded me a little bit to much about the pickled ginger in sushi restaurants. Very good, but not entirely my cup of tea.
Naga is a beautiful truffle with Indian curry and coconut in milk chocolate. Although I love spicy curry this sweeter, flavorful version is perfect for this truffle. The coconut lends a perfect tropical sweet touch to the palate. Very nice!

Vosges truffles really impressed me with its high quality chocolate, ingredients and great texture of the truffles. I wish I could have tried them all, but I guess I have all the more to enjoy at a later date. And I can't wait...

They make an array of additional products like caramels, chocolate bars, toffees, marshmallows, drinking chocolates, brownies, etc. Something for every taste as long as chocolate is your thing...

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