Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I just have to pay tribute to Bonaccorsi after so many truely enjoyable bottles during the last three years (for me).
Born in 1960, Michael Bonaccorsi was the twentieth American to be awarded the Master Sommelier Diploma, and did so at a young age. He started out at Masa's in San Francisco and eventually ended up at Spago in Beverly Hills. His dream was always to make wine and in 1999 he and his wife Jenne Lee Bonaccorsi made their first wine under the Bonaccorsi Wine Company brand, inspired by their passion and love for Burgundy and Rhone.
Years later and after achieving great success Michael passed away in 2004, only 44 years old. His wife has since carried on their work to strive for even more excellent wine.
I have reviewed the 2003 Bonaccorsi Santa Rita Hills Fiddlestix Vineyard Pinot Noir below under Las Vegas Dining. After our trip to Vegas I ordered some more to enjoy at home and tonight we splurged on one of the bottles. I still agree with my initial tasting notes, although this time I can't seem to find the blueberry... Oh, well...
Bonaccorsi is one of my favorite Central Coast Wineries along with Loring, Sea Smoke, Foxen, Talley... and probably someone else I forgot. Non of them a cheap, ranging from $35-$65 for my favorite bottles, but never the less they have to be tried! All fantastic Pinots!
Do not forget the latest vintage, 2004, from Bonaccorsi. It has some excellent wines to offer. Even better than 2003...

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