Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dr. Loosen 2005 "Dr. L"

Everywhere I turn lately I hear about the German and Austrian Riesling, and it really seems like they are reviving to their former glory. For a while there the world forgot how fantastic Riesling can be, but it is now making it's comeback.
I have not had a lot of Rieslings in the last couple of years and thought it was time for me to start to taste more of this, according to some, greatest grape of white wine in the world.
So said and done, I decided to start with a "budget" Riesling from Dr. Loosen, which is probably the most known Riesling producer in the world. The Dr. Loosen Estate has been in the family for over 200 years and all the grapes they use come exclusively from the Mosel Valley in the south west of Germany. Riesling is the only grape they grow there and make wine from, and they do a great job doing it.
The Dr. Loosen 2005 Riesling Dr. L has white floral and sweet peach with a hint of rhubarb on the nose. It tastes of juicy subtle peach, pear and a hint of citrus. It is sweet but not overly so and has a burst of fresh acidity that balances it out very nicely. I got this wine at BevMo for $11.99 and think that this is a great value for a really good wine. You can find it at from $7.88 and at this price it is a true steal.
I will work my way up the ladder in the world of Riesling, so keep your eyes open for upcoming reviews.

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EVWG said...

Can't wait to taste along. I grabbed a bottle of the Huia pinot. I haven't popped it yet. Having some friends in town tomorrow and I am thinking about pulling the cork over a nice chicken dinner.