Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Truffle Shop in Nevada City

On our little day trip to Nevada City last week we found The Truffle Shop. Being a chocoholic there was no way I could possible resist it, so into the store we went. Rows of huge truffles awaited us...
The shop was opened in 1986 with Chef Willem DeGroot, as Master Chocolatier. DeGroot came to the States with his parents when young. After high school he decided to become a Capuchin monk in Franciscan monasteries. This is where the recipe for the truffles was developed. After 13 years he left and eventually opened today's Truffle Shop. The recipe is still the same and still remains a secret.

I got a box of six truffles:
Raspberry Cream: This truffle has a red colored raspberry filling. And although it was very god and intense in raspberry flavor I prefer when the raspberry is blended with a dark chocolate truffle, with a less intense flvor from the raspberries as a result.
Highlander: The majority of the truffles has some kind of hard liquor in them. This one is a semisweet truffle flavored with Glenfiddich Scotch. Intensely flavored and real hit if you are a Scotch lover.
151 Rum: 151 Rum is blended into dark chocolate, and covered in dark chocolate. This truffle has a mild rum taste that fits me perfectly as I do not normally like alcohol in my chocolate. This was still mild enough for me to enjoy. Very good!
Black Forest: Black cherry mixed into semisweet chocolate, topped with a cherry and then covered in dark chocolate. Very nice balance between chocolate and cherry. Not over powering, but complementing each other.
Double Dutch: This was my favorite. Three bittersweet chocolate mixed together to an incredibly light and airy truffle. Still very concentrated in flavor.
Cafe Diablo: This is a great little fun truffle. The bittersweet chocolate is flavored by strong coffee and alcohol, and the two small pieces of orange zest is put on top, resembling horns, and then dipped in dark chocolate. Diablo...horns...a fun little visual twist! And great tasting...

One thing that all of these truffles have in common is the lightness and airiness of the truffle. A lot of truffles have a tendency to be really dense and almost to much. These have a light, velvety, mouth feel. Definitely worth trying.
They also make several delicious looking tortes, but I did not have a chance to try these.

You can find and order these chocolate treats at The Truffle Shop's website.

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