Monday, June 25, 2007

Artesa 2005 Carneros Chardonnay

The 2005 Artesa Carneros Chardonnay has a pale straw color in the glass with a slight green tint. On the nose I pick up pear, green apple, citrus, and some yellow peach at the end. On the palate the apple and citrus comes through really nice, with a smooth, round, creaminess. The wine is however not to buttery but instead quite lively and fresh. This character comes from 2/3 of the wine being fermented in oak and 1/3 in stainless steel tanks, plus the fact that only 1/2 of it went through the secondary malolactic fermentation. The malolactic fermentation is the step in wine making that gives the wine its buttery creaminess. Since only half went through it, you still keep some fresh fruit character. It lacks a little bit in complexity, but it is over all a really nice white.

I enjoyed this chardonnay thanks to the fact that it was not overly oaky, or to buttery/creamy. If I had to pay the winery price ($30) I would opt for something else, but when finding it at from $9.99, I had to admit that it is a really great price for a good wine.

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David said...

sounds like a Cali Chard I would like to try. I also fell in love with the stainless steel Chardonnay from Beauregard Vineyards in Santa Cruz. Can't get it out here but I am sure you can find it on the left coast.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the header on that last comment. I was logged into my business partners email.

Jessica Foster said...

I was going through blogs, and then I found one with MY NAME at the top! People ask me, are you related to the chocolate Jessica Foster. Then I put my head down and say, "No, relation..."

Victoria said...


Thank for your comment! Haven't had the Beauregard from Santa Cruz. Looks like something I will have to try. Definitely prefer unoaked or more lightly oaked chardonnay. Shouldn't be to hard to find here, like you said...

Victoria said...

Thanks for your comment. Kind of weird to find your name like that in someones blog... If you have not tried the chocolate however, you have to! It is awsome!