Saturday, June 02, 2007

Senders 2005 Carneros Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir

We picked up this bottle today at our local wine merchant after the owner recommending it to us.
I have never heard of this pinot before and trying to do some research online I found...nothing... The website given on the label is not active, I could not find any reviews or prices anywhere...
I did not get the story behind the wine when purchasing it so I am not quite sure if it is a new winery or what is going on...

Oh well, on to the wine. It has a very clear, not very dense, ruby red color in the glass. The nose offers red cherry, red raspberry, cranberry and a touch of oak. The cherry and cranberry follows through to the palate with medium acidity and sleek tannins. That is, tannins are definitely there, but are not to obtrusive, and on the other hand, not overly smooth either. A little thin on the fruit on the mid palate and finish for my taste, but never the less a very nice wine.

This, I would say, is a really good pinot to pair with food. Very good on it's own indeed, but it will match many different dishes easily because of it's not to overly fruity, more delicate structure, with acidity and tannins to support it.
I payed $ 34.95 for this bottle. For my palate I have a few pinots in this price range I would pick before buying this bottle again, but do not let that statement discourage you. This is a very nice pinot if this is the style you prefer, and I really would have no problem paying this price for this bottle of wine again. I can't recommend a place for you to by it since I could not find any, but if you run into it give definitely give it a try.

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