Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bonaccorsi 2004 Sanford and Benedict Pinot Noir

Bonaccorsi makes some fantastic Pinot Noirs from the central coast. I've had quite a few of them before and also reviewed a couple for them. Read my four earlier reviews here. This is however my first bottle from the Sanford and Benedict Vineyard and I was anxious to see how it compared to the other vineyard designated Pinots.

The Bonaccorsi 2004 Sanford and Benedict Pinot Noir shows a very dark, ruby red, medium dense, color in the glass. On the nose big, black cherry, blackberry, earthiness and a hint of vanilla, greets me. Moving on to tasting it dark raspberry, round, dark plum, and black cherry initially leaves a big impression. As it moves toward the finish, silky tannins and juicy acidity steps in, along side the fruit and berries, and gives this medium to full bodied wine a long beautiful finish, with pencil lead leaving you a final impression at the very end.

This wine is definitely up there with both the Melville, and the Fiddlestix Vineyards that Bonaccorsi also makes (among others). I see this as a little bit more silky and smooth compared to the other two. But considering that the last three ones I have had all have been from different vintages they are not really comparable.

This one, just like the rest of their bottles, is hard to get a hold of and I can only find one source on-line, Wally's Wine and Spirit for $64.99. Pricey, I know. But if you are looking for something special this definitely fits the bill...

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