Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another Central Coast Pinot Noir

It's only 7 pm and we just finish the bottle of Pinot from Laetitia (see below). We still have room for another glass of wine and decide to pull a less expensive Pinot from the wine fridge. Byron Santa Maria Valley 2004 Pinot Noir ($25 at has a beautiful ruby color with a hint of purple in the glass. This is a more "easy", less earthy, and more straight forward Pinot compared to the Laetitia, with bright fruit on the nose, and the same clean fruit of red plum and cherry on the palate. Nice tannins gives it a good length finish. I really like this one for the price and will make sure to stock up on it.


Brooklynguy said...

Hi Victoria,

Interesting reading, thank you (the whole blog - not just this post. I think your chocolate and cheese fascination would make you great friends with my wife). I have almost no experience with Central Coast Pinot, or California Pinot in general. I am willing to try, but my preferences in Pinot tend towards a lighter style, the "feminine" wines of elegance and finesse - usually Burgundy and some Oregon wines. Most of the Cali Pinots I've tasted are much more concentrated and heavier wines that often remind me of Rhone wines in their flavor and textures. For example, I tasted a 2004 Ken Brown Pinot the other day and it was not to my taste at all. My favorite producer thus far is Calera. Do you like their wines? I will check back to see if you recommend wines I might try to open my mind further.

Victoria said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Funny thing is that I have had the Ken Brown several times and I am actually having it tonight and will have a little review in just a bit. I have not had the Calera and will definately have to try it. I like both the big fruity style and the more elegant, feminine one. It depends on what mood I'm in... Check back. I will have more Pinots coming up.