Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beaujolais Nouveau

Everybody else has been writing about Beaujolais Nouveau, so I thought I just might as well do it to.
For those of you who are not familiar with this wine, here is the quick rundown. Beaujolais Nouveau is grown in Burgundy and every year at 1 minute past midnight on the third Thursday of November this wine is released. And not a minute before that. This wine is at that point a very young wine that was only harvested weeks earlier, therefore "Nouveau" ("new" in French). Unlike other red wine this is best served slightly chilled (around 50 degrees). It is a great wine for somebody who is trying to make the transition from white to red. The reason being that this red contains no tannins, because the must is pressed only after three days. Making this a very light and fruity red.
To celebrate the release last week with the rest of the world, I picked up a bottle from BevMo.
Out of their selection I chose the Beaujolais Nouveau Bouchard Aine & Fils 2006, a 100% Gaway ($8.99 at BevMo). Light red/purple in the glass with lovely ripe raspberry and strawberry on the nose. Tart cherry and red berries on the palate, with a medium length finish. I drink these wine very seldom and in small quantities so it is a little hard to have an opinion. I did enjoy it and would simply like to describe it as a festive, fresh wine with a quality above the median Beaujolais Nouveau.

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