Monday, November 20, 2006

French chocolate at its best

I have tried quite a few chocolates through the years, and I just discovered my new star. Michel Cluizel is called "The Gold Smith of Chocolate". He started making chocolate in 1947 in southern Normandy, at that point being on of the few to process his own cocoa beans, and now runs the company with his four children. He has a wide range of chocolates and bonbons, but I always prefer to "judge" a chocolate maker by his pure chocolate bars.
I got their "1er Cru Collection" containing five single origin chocolates from around the world. This was a great way to discover and compare the different single origins tastes and characteristics.
The five origins are:
-Concepcion: 66% cocoa from Venezuela. Melting smooth with a hint of vanilla caramel.
-Los Ancones: 67% cocoa from Saint Domingue. Dark and luscious with a hint of dried currant.
-Tumarina: 70% from Sao Tome. Has a lingering finish of green olives.
-Mangaro: 65% from Madagascar. Hard to put a finger on but I would say tropical fruit.
-Maralumi: 64% from Papua, New Guinea. This is their chocolate with the most character. Spicy chipotle with a hint of tobacco leaves at the finish.
This box is the perfect pick for a chocolate tasting with good friends (4.9 oz for $19.50)
I highly recommend this chocolate and I am myself looking forward to receiving my order of the Caramel Mushrooms (their best seller). They also have various designs of chocolate lollipops for different occasions. Plus so much more...

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