Monday, November 13, 2006

Gourmet chocolate for the thin wallet

It started in a cocoa field in Indonesia. Timothy Moley was doing volunteer work there for USAID, and chewing on cocoa beans in the fields he pick up a fascination for chocolate. Home again he decided to make his own chocolate. He wanted high quality and affordability for the consumer, and put himself to work. For the past ten year he has been producing chocolate out of Boulder, Colorado. He named his two lines of chocolates Chocolove and Chocolatour. In the spirit of Chocolove the wrapper is designed to look like a love letter, and inside the wrapper hides a classic love poem. The Chocolatour is single origin chocolates.
I pick up 3 bars out of the Chocolove series at the local Wholefoods to see if he managed to meet his goals.
The 55% Raspberries in Dark Chocolate is delicious. Instead of infusing the chocolate with raspberry flavor he has mixed in crisp bits of raspberry in the chocolate. It results in a great smooth chocolate with bursts of raspberry flavor. Love it!
The 55% Dark Chocolate is a semisweet bar made with 100% African cocoa. It is melting smooth and has a the right amount of sweetness.
The 70% Dark Chocolate if African cocoa with a touch of Caribbean cocoa. A more bittersweet chocolate with great balance and toasty flavor.
At the price of $2.99/bar and great tasting chocolate that definitely fits under the category "gourmet chocolate", it's evident he met his goals.
Find it at Ralphs, Target or Wholefoods.


Donna said...

OK - I'm not a big chocolate lover at all but someone in my office brought this chocolate to work to share - the orange and raspberry flavors - and I loved it. I bought about 4-5 varieties for Alex, the chocolate lover in our family, and it was definitely a hit. The Sacramento Co-Op sells it as well - good choice!

Jack said...

We've been exploring a lot of chocolates lately. For Raspberry flavored chocolate bars, I like Vivani and New Tree the best. Have you had either?

I know we've had Chocolove a few times (via Whole Foods) but somehow we haven't reviewed them on Fork & Bottle yet. Heads shall roll!

Our chocolate reviews.

Victoria said...

What a coinsidence! I have not had the New Tree but I just got 2 bars of the Vivani a couple of days ago and am planning on reviewing them within the next week. I will make sure to check your reviews... Thank you!